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Travers Attic Conversions Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Louth and Wicklow since 1989

At Travers Attic Conversions Dublin, we combine our 40 years experience with the latest advances in building technology.

We take time to listen, because we know the job is at its best when builders architects and families work together.
An attic conversion is ideal for the whole family, including your children! Not only can an attic conversion effectively increase the size of the home—attic conversions can be used by all family members as well. An attic conversion can be used for many different purposes, spare bedroom, office, childrens playroom, or as a hideaway, for Mom or Dad to get some peace and quiet.

Added Value to Your Home

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A properly converted attic will add extra vaue to your home, once you have the proper by-law approvals and the conversion has been signed off, by a registered architect. Call us today for attic conversion prices

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Affordable Attic Conversions

To take advantage of our affordable Attic Conversions, Call our office today to schedule your first visit meeting and receive your free consultation, Where you can discuss with one of our experts..

Attic Conversion Plans, Attic Conversion Costs, Project completion schedules and any other worries you may have.

Not only does Travers attic conversions do full attic conversion, but we will also work with the DIYer. While most people prefer us to come and complete the job. Many handymen would prefer to do the finishing themselves and leave the heavy work to us.

Installing the attic stairs and cutting out the purloins, fitting the velux windows ensuring the structural work is sound are jobs best left to the experts. We are not only happy to work with the homeowner, but will gladly offer our advice on the work, that he wishes to complete himself.

Shell Attic Conversion

Whether it is a full attic conversion or just the attic stairs, Attic insulation, or even a attic ladder, call us for your Free No Obligation Consultation.

Do I nеed tо tеll mу insurance company іf I complete а attic conversion?

Yes, sо thаt thе additional space іs covered in the event of a fire or оthеr problem

Travers Attic Conversions Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Louth and Wicklow since 1989

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